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Hey Dr. Remember me??

on October 4, 2013

ADVOCATE- one that pleads the cause of another… or just Sarah


Today has been one week since I found out I have cancer. I had a lot of funny things in mind to write about today, but unfortunately I need to talk about something a little more serious. In this week I have already had 2 surgeries, met with 9 different Dr.’s, had more exams then any woman would want to admit and have bought stock in the pharmaceutical companies.

Monday I received a call from the hospital scheduling me for the surgery I had yesterday. However I had not received any call from any Dr. telling me or explaining anything about the surgery. Needless to say it was a shock that the hospital would call and tell me I was going under the knife. The surgery sucked, the tube sucks even more, but whatever it takes to start chemo and radiation then just do it.

This morning the hospital called me again to schedule yet another surgery for next Monday… Ummm yeah I haven’t heard a thing from my Dr.!!! Do you people talk?? Because NO ONE is calling me. I refuse to go under the knife for a 3rd time in a week. Can I just have a few seconds to let all this soak in before slicing me to pieces? I would love to tell you what the surgery is about and why I need or do not need to have it, but again no one has called me. I have called them and left messages, but am still waiting to here back.

I understand I am not the only patient, however I would like to be treated like a human. No “patient advocate” is going to do a thing for me. I have to be my own advocate. This is my body and my health that we are dealing with. Yes I want to get rid of this as quickly as possible, but a little bedside manner would go a long way for someone that has had this bomb dropped on them.

I hope someone gets back with me soon and explains a few things so we can have some sort of understanding in all of this. I’m sorry if this is not the funny or happier writings that you were probably hoping to read, but I believe Debbie Downer has Suzzy Sunshine in a chokehold today!

Have any of you dealt with bad Dr.s? Hospitals? It might make me feel a little better if I know that it’s just not me being picked on!


Proverbs 17:22 If you are cheerful, you feel good, if you are sad, you hurt all over


6 responses to “Hey Dr. Remember me??

  1. Freida says:

    I can empathize Sarah. It is verrrrry frustrating when doctors, their offices & hospitals don’t communicate with each other, much less their patients. Psalm 27:14

  2. Nina Wilson says:

    Sarah sorry you are going through this….but I bet this next surgery is for your mediport…I remembering reading that you said they were going to try to put a stent in let your kidney to allow it to drain, unfortunately that failed and you needed the next surgery ‘ The nephrostomy tube”… you need this Mediport to allow you to get you chemotherapy, sounds like the Dr told you all this on your first visit but didn’t explain it would be another surgery to get the mediport….you have one of the kindness GYN Oncology Dr’s I know, call the office and ask them to have him call you…love you loads keep your chin up …the Dr’s are on your side ….love you

    • Actually Nina He scheduled a D and C. He said nothing about that to me and no idea why. I talked to his nurse earlier and it was a “just in case” surgery… Ummm no I refuse to have just in case surgeries. Especially when it was not explained or even mentioned to me. Either way I told them to take me off the books and I will keep my regular appointment with him next Tuesday and we will discuss it then 😉

  3. Wendy Gaskill says:

    Hang in there girl! If only we lived closer… It is never easy dealing with doctors or their office for that matter. Remember you can never ask enough questions and there are no stupid questions. The one thing we learned with my dad was to never go to a doctor visit alone. They throw so much information at you all at once that you can’t possible take it all in. Therefore having someone with you is a blessing. Hopefully you will get some answers soon. Dad did have a doctor that called him at 8pm on Saturday night once so I pray you have a doctor like that. Sending prayers from Iowa!!

    • Thank you Wendy! I pray that I get a Dr. like that as well! D and I have a pact that one of us is writing at all times during any appointments. I pray that you all are safe after last night and no one is seriously injured! Thanks again for your prayers!

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