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Good blood in, bad blood out!

on October 29, 2013


Hello from my little cubicle! Right now as I am typing this I am getting a blood transfusion! It’s not that exciting so I probably shouldn’t have put that exclamation point at the end of that sentence. 😉

I have been anemic all my life, but the cancer cells are attacking my good red blood cells so it has brought my numbers way low. Like 6.2 low. The Dr was shocked that I haven’t had a heart attack yet because the stress on my heart and lungs just trying to walk. So here I sit with fresh blood going into my veins and the bad stuff heading out!

It’s reminds me so much of our lives. We all have bad stuff in us. Whether it would be lying, stealing, cheating, anger and so much more! However when We allow God in our lives, He takes away all that bad stuff and replaces it with good.

I’m not sure how you want to live your life, but it is so good to know that God is in charge of mine. I’m so glad I gave Him the reigns to take all that bad stuff out and replace it with good. As this journey goes on I pray that I can be a light to others and a witness of how God can replace the bad with the good. 😉


Psalm 50:15 and call  upon me in the day of trouble;    I will deliver you, and  you shall glorify me.”



One response to “Good blood in, bad blood out!

  1. nina says:

    love you Sarah…you are such an inspiration to so many people

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