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Inflatings beds, New tubes and Thank you’s!

on November 1, 2013

Well I am still here and in hopes that you are too! 😉 A lot of my Facebook friends already know a lot of this info so if you do then just skip to the good parts. 😉

Tuesday while getting my blood transfusion (that didn’t work, I’ll fill you in later) my Dr. called me and told me that my creatinine levels were severely high and as soon as I was done with the transfusion I needed to go directly to the ER. I told them I felt fine and what the heck was a creatinine level??

She explained how it was a crucial level of how the kidneys filter things through the body and mine was not doing any of that. Another words I was in acute renal failure. I went to the ER and then was transported to a different hospital that was better equipped to handle my situation. Then the terrible “A” word was thrown at me! You are being admitted! Really? Again, I feel fine. This is totally unnecessary. (obviously I need to start learning my levels as this is a quite serious situation)

Lots of ultrasounds and testing done they realized that the chemo I was given last week should have never been given to me in the first place. It is known to shut down sensitive kidneys, which I obviously have. So here I sit in a bed that won’t stop self inflating itself for the 3rd blessed day in a row. It of course has been 3 beautiful days outside. As a windows always open, fresh air person, this has not been easy for me. I begged and pleaded with the Dr’s to allow me to leave today as I have never missed Halloween with my kiddos before. Two Dr’s agreed to let me go home and one said “Nope, not a good idea”. I understand the seriousness of the situation, but I can sit here in the hospital and continue wracking up thousands of dollars in bills or I can go home to my own bed and actually get some rest. Either way I am just sitting.

I have had radiation while I have been here so I’m not missing on that. The nurses have been AMAZING and funny and I really have had a great time with them. I try and laugh and joke about everything so I guess you could say I have been the comic relief of the cancer floor. 😉 I have been having loads of pain though. Not sure if the tumor is growing or shrinking but the pains of waking up in the middle of the night feeling like I’m giving birth to a 10lb kid with no drugs is getting old. I’m praying that is short lived because the drugs they give here are terrible! 😉

Today I had the tube in my back replaced as a bad home care nurse had given it a good yank after the first week I had it. Since then I have had non stop trouble and issues with it and felt the need to donate it at a few points because the pain was unbearable. Come to find out it was hanging out more then double what it should have been. Although still in the kidney it was pulling really bad on the kidney. It felt great to have that replaced and I don’t even realize it is there now. That is my blessing for the day. I am trying to find blessings each day to keep my anxiety from getting away with me.

My dear sister Laura came down last night to stay till Saturday with me and we have been having the best of times. She has let me cry, we have laughed and she even washed my old nasty hair that is seriously thinning now. She bought my some skin caps to hide this bald mess when need be. It’s great to have wonderful siblings in my life.

The cards and the blessings keep rolling in and I don’t even know how to thank anymore. I feel like a broken record because all I say anymore is thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s 2 of the most amazing words in the dictionary. THANK YOU!!! Everyone of you mean the world to me and I know that you are what is keeping me going. Your kind words, your visits, your baked goods, your meals, your money gifts to help pay the stack of medical bills that are rolling in, your gift cards for yummy pumpkin spice lattes, your flowers and candy and so much more. I just sit and I cry and I say thank you… You will never know how many times D and I sit in amazement and thank God for so many blessings and such an amazing support system that is surrounding us in prayers and love. As hard as it may be to believe you have rendered us speechless! I know it’s hard to believe 😉

My inlaws are safely back in the area! Thank you for your prayers for traveling mercies for them. I know a great weight has been lifted off my sweet husbands back as he has been running around by himself trying to get the kids from point A to point B everyday. It will be so wonderful to have them with us this winter and to have the kids get to know their grandparents better. Thank you Paul and Kathi for everything you are doing for us!!

I know this is long and I just wanted to update you all on what is going on in my world lately. Still continue to pray that God uses this for good! All this pain, all this bad news, time and time again… It has to be used for good. I love you all!!

Romans 8:28     And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose



2 responses to “Inflatings beds, New tubes and Thank you’s!

  1. Amy Brooks says:

    Amen Sarah!!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Please check out this site. You can donate to Sarah and/or you can send encouraging messages/prayers. Don’t forget to send out the link to as many people as you can. It can be posted to all the major social media pages. Thank you!

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