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What Does December Mean to You?

on December 2, 2013

I ran down the steps and there in the living room was the most beautiful doll house I had ever laid my eyes on! My Dad had built this just for me and my sister Becky. I don’t even remember what else I got that Christmas other then that dollhouse. We played with it for years before we outgrew dollies. I wish I still had that dollhouse so that I could have let my own little girl play with it as she was growing up. However just like many things they go by the wayside.

Back then I knew that Christmas was Jesus’ birthday, but the presents were what kept me up till all hours of Christmas eve. All 4 of us kids would pile into one little twin size bed and we could barely stay still waiting for morning to come. Our parents weren’t wealthy and we didn’t always get the latest and greatest gadgets, but we still received some pretty amazing things each year.

When I think of Christmas now I just shake my head. People are going to extreme lengths to get there children the latest toys and gadgets. Including killing others to get it. I read an article today of a woman who killed 3 people to get the last Xbox at Walmart for her kid. When ask if she regrets it, she said no way, my kid wanted and xbox and he got it and I’ll spend a little time in jail, but no one can take away his xbox… How is that kid going to feel every time he plays that knowing his Mom killed innocent people for it. I’m not sure about you, but that would seriously mess up my childhood.

Each year it gets worse and worse. The commercials are screaming at you that you have to have it. You have to get this or that for your kid and then they will love you. It’s not Merry Christmas anymore, it’s Happy Holidays. Even our kids are being taught about other traditions such as kwanza and hannukkah in school, but they aren’t allowed to learn about Jesus being born in a manger.  I just shake my head and it’s makes me so sad that it has come to this. Now don’t get me wrong, I still get excited about getting things for our kiddos every year. I love to see there sweet faces on Christmas morning when they come down the steps. However we do not get them the latest and greatest, we do not have the entire living room floor filled up with presents and we do not put ourselves in debt each year over stuff that just like that dollhouse will eventually go by the wayside.

We do like to have fun with the kids and love that at least a few of them still believe in Santa. We still have the Elf on the Shelf that visits us each year. They still leave out cookies and milk for Santa. I love when there eyes light up at the Christmas parades and all the light shows that we drive through. We aren’t against having fun during Christmas.

Today was the first Sunday in Advent. A time when we are preparing ourselves for His birth. I look back over the past year at our times of great joy and our times of sadness. We have gone through a lot this year and I will be honest, the depression is seriously trying to push it’s way though. This weekend I have been in a lot of pain and my dear husband was in the ER last night because his gout was so flared up that he needed something for the pain. It seems to have been one thing after the next. We were unable to go to church this morning because both of us just felt terrible. I piddled around the house and put up a few more Christmas decorations and cuddled with my kiddos. I had time to reflect on what this month will hold for us.

We have been so blessed through my illness and God continues to meet our needs even when we don’t expect it. Just like a pregnant woman is anticipating the birth of her child, I am anticipating celebrating the birth of Jesus. This month always humbles me and forces me to reflect on everything that God does for me and my family. We may not always have the latest and greatest gadgets and gifts, but we have God in our hearts and peace in our home. Come Christmas morning I will anticipate our kiddos running down the steps and seeing the gifts. We will sit down and carry on the tradition that my Father did with us and read the Christmas story first and then we will enjoy opening gifts, relaxing with family and remembering the true meaning of Christmas.

What are you anticipating this December?

Matthew 1:21 She will bear a son,  and you shall call his name  Jesus, for he will save his people from their  sins. 




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