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Remembering Christmas

on December 11, 2013








(Christmas at my Grandparents 1982)


I was always so excited to go to my Grandmom and Grandpop’s house for Christmas. I was guaranteed a big fat candy cane that was a foot long and a card with a crisp $10 bill in it. Back then $10 was a massive amount of money and I couldn’t wait to ask Mom to take us to the McCrory’s store on Queen St. to get something that was usually junk. Grandpop would have the living room decorated so nicely and lights lined up outside. However after that was done he would sit in his recliner and watch tv. Don’t you dare walk in front of him to get to the restroom. If you did you would hear about how you were in his way. It was usually safer to sit in the kitchen with Grandmom. She would always have her basket covered wine bottle and her smokes, but she also had all the trays of yummy candy and goodies on the table with her.

Once Grandmom passed, Grandpop had a little 3 foot tall tree he kept in a barrel and he would pull it out each year fully decorated and sit it on his stereo and plug it up. That was as Christmas as he got then. Although you never saw much affection between the two of them, Grandmom was his world and when she passed the light went out of his eyes. He didn’t really talk much and when we would go to hug him he would kind of pat our backs then push us on our way. I don’t know why, but thinking back to childhood Christmases, those evenings spent with Grandmom and Grandpop were some of my favorite times.

I think about what will our kids remember when they get my age? Have we made enough memories for them to feel that warm and fuzzy feeling thinking back to their childhood? This Christmas will be different for us. We usually go up to WV and spend it with my family. This year D’s parents are here for the winter and we will have Christmas here with them. We haven’t shared Christmas with his side of the family since our daughter was little. I know we will have a wonderful time together.

Christmas is such a wonderful time to remember things from the past and celebrate what is now. Spending time with family and friends is a wonderful thing to do this time of year. Make new memories that will last a lifetime!

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with cancer, but it won’t always be. I know many of you read this, but no one ever comments. I would love to hear some comments if you would take the time to post one it would be wonderful. So the question I am leaving you with is, what is one of your favorite childhood Christmas memories?


5 responses to “Remembering Christmas

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have so many memories from Christmas. It was always special for us. I usually went to my grandma’s house to help her bake and decorate Christmas cookies. When we were really little, Grandma had a Christmas tree in her living room that sat on the table in front of her window. She eventually had her basement refinished so christmas moved down there and over the years Christmas also grew from just me, my brother, and my cousin Tommy to add 3 more cousins and friends of the family. It has been years since I have been with my dad’s side of the family because of them having there own family traditions and spouse families. I love Christmas. Like you, I hope that I my children will remember the traditions that we have. Two Traditions that we have are they get brand new pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve and they receive there Christmas outfits on Christmas Morning. I could go on and on about Christmas. I have so many memories.

  2. Betty says:

    My Christmas memories are 3 little girls trying to stay awake long enough to see Santa and always falling short of our goal. Waking up to run into Mama and Daddy’s room to get them up to unlock the door to the living room so we could see what Santa had left. It was always a full room 3 piles of toys and clothes for us. So much fun as aunts, uncles and cousins came over throughout the day. We were the gathering house with lots of food and fun.

    I remember one particular Christmas Mama had made doll cradles for each of us. Lots of lace, satin and trims made from peach baskets – a blue one, pink and green. Absolutely beautiful with a doll nestled in covered with a blanket. Wish I still had that cradle, but the memory lingers forever.

    Have a Merry Christmas.

  3. Oh that cradle sounds so pretty! At least you still have the memories of that. Thank you for sharing your memories!

  4. Carolyn says:

    One of my favorite traditions from Christmas was making hot chocolate to go and then piling into the car and driving around town looking at all the Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. I also loved getting new pajamas on Christmas Eve, although as a teen I would have NEVER admitted that!
    As for a favorite memory, I bought my sister her very first bra as a Christmas present. I thought I was being so thoughtful and that she would love it….however presenting it to her as her first present at our grandparents house while all were watching probably wasn’t the best idea. Poor thing was as bright red as Santa’s suit!!

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