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Happy New Year… I think?

on January 4, 2014

There were approximately 32 ceiling tiles. 12 of them had either a vent, speaker or water sprinkler in them. I know because I stared at them for the past 48 hours. 4:00 Thursday morning I woke up got ready and headed to the hospital for my surgery. After waiting for an hour I was taken back to pre op and given my wrist bands and filled out my life on paperwork. The nurse came in to get my IV started. I warned her I was a her I was a hard stick and after 7 tries she passed me onto the parson who put my epidural in. ( I would spell it, but I don’t know how) 😉

She got my epidural in, but only got the IV in halfway and said it was good enough for now and taped the snot out of that puppy. After surgery was over they took me to ct scan to make sure everything was in place. Now mind you epidurals have never worked for me. I warned the DR of this and he said no problem we will have a back up plan. It took them quite some time in the OR to get my fully numb and it wasn’t until after he injected pain killer into my IV and my epidural that I was fully numb. Midway through the ct scan I felt my toes, then felt my knees and then Lord have mercy I felt the device in between my legs. I told the nurse right away that it hurts really bad and I needed something. She quickly called down the epidural DR and she injected me with  my pain killers that lasted about 30 minutes.

When I got into my room I was in tears. The pain was something I can only describe as pure torture. I don’t cry, but I could not stop crying because it was the only thing I could do. The nurse actually looked at me and said it’s just anxiety, here is some adivan and then no lie people, she brought me 2 tylonal. If I had not been strapped to the bed she may have met her maker! ( All in Christian love of course) Oh and she had to take out the IV and start it in the other arm because it was coming out. The pain got worse and worse and finally after 10 hours the DR came in to see me for the first time since the surgery was over. I can’t even describe the pain it was that bad. Kind of like birthing 13 kids with no drugs. He realized the epidural was not working and hooked me up to a pain management pump through my IV.

I would love to say that it helped right away, but it took another 4 hours before that even touched the pain. Pretty much it just put me to sleep. Every time I woke up I would cry because I could feel the pain. My sweet sister Laura who drove down to be with me through everything would gently rub my hair and tell me to push the button. 😉 Love her so much! Finally yesterday I had my last 2 radiations and it was time to go home. As soon as I sat up for the first time in 2 days I almost passed out and I puked. ( sorry if you were eating when you read that)

I don’t remember much about yesterday and half of today. I know I had loads of people praying and I thank you all so much for that! Our next step is to wait and see if this worked. I have 3 appointments this month and then in Feb I will get tested to see if this worked. So please continue your prayers and again I thank each of you for your prayers and a special thanks to my sweet hubby for going through all of this with me and my dear sister Laura for being beside me through all of this. She even goes off on nurses if need be ;-).

This was just a quick update on everything that has happened. I hope and pray all of you are having a wonderful New Year!!


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