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Laughter through the Pain

on February 3, 2014


My sister Becky and Me 1978


April 17, 1978

“Thank the Lord for the gift of laughter! How it helps to get us through some of the little aches and pains of life. Today Sarah hit me in my nose with her 20 pound head. Oh how it hurt, I sat there for a minute with my eyes closed, nursing my hurt.

When I opened my eyes, there in front of me stood Becky and Sarah, eyes just as solemn as they could be, rubbing their noses in little circles as they watched me. It looked so comical! I burst out laughing, then they joined me. Just being able to laugh at the humor of it, eased the pain.

This was a very minor incident, perhaps not even real important as far as seriousness. But in day to day living, we are going to meet with much more serious incidents. Instead of letting our mean spirit come forth, let’s ask the Lord to help us see a good side, even a humorous side and turn a lot of would be “bad scenes” into laughter! ”


My sweet Mama wrote this when I was just shy of 2 years old. I cherish this as she hand wrote it and I have had it since she gave it to me after I had our first kiddo. Mom wrote all. the. time! Every time one of us kids would say or do something cute or funny she would write it down somewhere, whether on a calendar or a piece of paper. When she passed we found stacks of journals that she had written in almost every day. When I sat down to read them I cried and laughed and remembered so much. The way she wrote made you feel like you were right in the moment with her.

This writing means even more to me now that I have cancer. How many times I am in pain and something the kids will do, or something a friend will do that makes me laugh. It’s so true how laughter is the best medicine. I can take my situation and be depressed and think bad thoughts and feel sorry for myself all the time or I can take my situation and make the best of it.

I have to keep myself around people that will keep me laughing and take my mind off of the bad. I’m so blessed to have a Dad and Mom who prayed over us daily and fed Christian love into us so that when bad things come our way, we know who we can turn to. I know that God will help me through whatever I may face and hopefully will keep me laughing through the struggles!

What are you facing tonight? Whatever it is I hope you have someone in your life that can help you see a lighter side of your situation!


Romans 8:18  For I consider the sufferings of this present time are not worth being compared to the glory that is about to be revealed to us.


2 responses to “Laughter through the Pain

  1. Kelly Hough says:

    This brought back so many wonderful memories to me also. Your mother was a precious person. I still have a birthday invitation “holly hobby” that your mother illustrated as well as wrote.
    I don’t really know all about your situation, but I heard about your illness last fall. I have been praying for you and your family ever since. Gods plans are perfect for each one of us. He will get us through each moment.
    Take good care. May God bless you and your family.
    Kelly “Shank” Hough

  2. Sharon Albright says:

    Sarah, I have commented to others how you remind me of your mother so much in your writings. You are loved. I am praying.

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