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Don’t Miss a Moment!

on March 3, 2014

Live for Each Moment

Do you realize how quickly you can miss “a moment”? Think about it, right now where you are reading this. When you are done that moment is gone. When you lay your head down on your pillow tonight, the moment of this day is gone. You can’t get it back. The old saying to “Live in the Moment” is so very true! Why is it so hard then to live in the moment?

Before I found out I had cancer, I was on the go all. the. time! With 3 kids there are more activities that take over a lot of our time. When we were at sports practice or games, music lessons or school events, I can’t say I was always living in the moment. Most of the time I was thinking ahead to things I needed to do or other events coming up, or I was thinking about things that had already happened and if I handled it well or did I compose myself okay. Before I knew it games or practices were done and it was time to leave. The kids would say, “Mom, did you see me make that goal or did you hear me play that piece of music”? I would think about it and I would have to admit as much as it hurt me, that no, I must have missed it. I lost that moment and I didn’t even realize it!

How many times have you been driving either home or somewhere else and you get there and don’t even remember getting there. I’m raising my hand because it has happened more than I care to share! Our minds are so preoccupied with kids, family, work, activities and so much more that we are missing so many moments!

The phrase that I have chose for myself this year is to Bloom where I am planted. This is a hard one for me because I am not always happy with where I am at. I have never been able to sit still since I was a kid. I call it my self diagnosed ADD. (My littlest Jax tells me that spells add Mom) 😉 I love our home, but I am always anxious to move around furniture because I like change. I like to change my hairstyles because I like change, I long to live on a farm outside of Nashville where I like to think we belong because I want change. Are you getting the picture now? I am so antsy for the future and for change that I can’t bloom where I am planted and I certainly am not living in the moment.

Sometimes I wonder if God made a mistake when He placed me in this moment. The first time I sat in that chemo chair and the sweet nurse Jan hooked that line up to my picc in my arm and I watched that poison start to enter my body I wanted to cry out, GOD, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!?!? I thought I would pass out just from the anxiety and fear of that moment. Jan put a medicine in to try and calm me down. After about 30 minutes of thinking only of me, I looked around. One woman sat there bald as could be and was reading a book, another lady was just starting to lose her hair and looked up and smiled at me. I saw a man across the room that one whole side of his face was caved in and he had a breathing tube in his neck. I felt embarrassed for even thinking this was all about me.

I’m not down grading my situation, but so many around me were dealing with what seemed to be so much worse! I vowed then to try and have a better attitude with what had been handed to me. I couldn’t live in the past of what I could have done to prevent this just like I can’t live in the future and try and figure out what will happen. God placed me in this situation in this moment to be a light to others. When I was born, God already knew this would happen which is why He equipped me for this moment.

With all my heart, mind, soul and body I am trying to bloom where God has planted me. I have to be happy and share God with others who may not have that peace in their hearts yet. I may not be able to witness to everyone I come in contact with, but in the radiation waiting room and in the chemo room, in hospital rooms and doctor offices, I have been able to share God with others simply by telling them that I will pray for them, or I will pray with them right there if they want me to. You don’t always have to be a bible thumper and tell them they are going straight to hell if they don’t repent. Jesus is kind and gentle and his love knows no boundaries. That is how He wants us to be. He places moments in our path to be a help to others and if are so preoccupied with other things, you might miss that moment and when it’s gone, it’s lost forever.

What moments have you lost because you weren’t paying attention? Can you be happy where God has planted you? He knows everything that is happening in your life before it even happens. Today, right now, live in the moment. You are there for a reason. Enjoy it and remember that others are worse off and you can be such an inspiration to them when that moment presents itself.

Matthew 6:34  Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.


4 responses to “Don’t Miss a Moment!

  1. Thank you Sarah. I so enjoy reading your posts!! God has definitely placed you in this moment. You are such a blessing to so many people. I continue to pray for you and your family each day. I will also add the others you come in contact with each day to my list as well. Thank you for being such a bright light. Your writings remind me so much of your sweet Momma. She had such a way with words too!! She is smiling down on you from heaven!! God bless you as you bless so many others!! Love Sheila

  2. Anonymous says:

    As I read your words today, I was reminded to think upon the moments in my life that I have recently been going through. Thank you for the comforting words that God knows what is ahead and knows where we are now. You are such a blessing! Love you. Still Praying!

  3. Sharon says:

    Sarah, as I read your words today, they reminded me of the moments I have been going through recently. Thank you for your comforting words that God is in control and knows where we are right now. You are such a blessing! Love you! Still praying!

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