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God is Great

on April 7, 2014


When I first found out I had cancer a friend of a friend sent me a gift. In that bag was a book from Women of Faith called, Time to Rejoice. I’ll be honest it has sat on my shelf collecting dust because at the time I did not feel much like rejoicing. I picked it up and started reading it the other night. Tonight when we were done having devotions with the kids, Caleb ask me what that pink book was about. I said it’s a devotional that someone gave to me. He ask if I could read them a chapter. Even though it was well past bed time, I took the time to open it and read them a chapter. Near the end this paragraph written by Luci Swindoll pretty much jumped off the pages at me. This is what she wrote, “That said, my friends, I want to make this point really clear: you have no idea how God in His greatness and love is going to use what He is taking you through now to mature you and bring you out on the other side. Sometimes we haven’t a clue “where this is gonna lead,” but I can tell you from experience, if God is in it, there are reasons far greater than the dreams you have for your own life.”

I stopped for a minute and Caleb looked at me and said, whoa Mom, that’s good, real good. I smiled at him and fully agreed that yes buddy, that is highlighter worthy! It’s funny how God likes to pound things into us. When I read this, I couldn’t believe it because I had pretty much spoken to my Sunday School class of teenagers today about the same thing. I was telling them how much they needed to stop worrying about what’s on the outside and start showing others what God has done for them on the inside because He wants to use them and show greatness through them. I suppose God wanted to show me that same message.

I’m worried about this week because I don’t know “where this is gonna lead.” I’ll be talking to my Doctor tomorrow to see whether or not I will admitted to the hospital to try and save a kidney and lose this never ending infection. I’m not a fan of hospitals or their inflatable beds that keep you up all night. 😉 I requested prayer today in church that God would intervene and I wouldn’t have to go through with this. Whichever way He chooses, I know that He will use me and get me through every step that He is taking me on.

This past week has been hard for many friends. From sudden deaths of family members, to unfathomable pain, spouses being deployed, kids that are sick and so much more. We all are facing giants everyday and I don’t know what to say or how to comfort them, but I fully believe that God knows what He is doing. Our pastor shared a story with us this morning about a grandfather that had a massive heart attack and died. His grandson was so sad and after a bit of time the doctors were working on him and brought him back to life. The grandfather told the grandson, if I ever die again do not allow them to do anything to bring me back to life as I have just seen Heaven and I didn’t want to leave.

Death and illnesses look so scary to us because we want to spend time with our families and continue living our lives, but we don’t think about what’s on the other side. That grandfather had just experienced a taste of what God has waiting for us and once we see that, we aren’t worried about what this world has to offer anymore. I can’t argue with God about what He is putting me through. I just have to believe that there is greatness waiting for me at the end of this and He will use me mightily. He has so much planned for me and although the days of pain are great I will keep my eyes on Him because  things of this earth don’t matter to me anymore. I am not ashamed of sharing God with everyone I come in contact with. If I have to go to the hospital this week then I am already praying for the doctors and nurses that I will come in contact with, that I will somehow be a blessing for them and share God’s love with them because just like it said in the book, God is maturing me and He will bring me out on the other side.

How is your soul tonight. I know so many of you are hurting more than words can explain. You have questions for God or you are angry at God for allowing things to happen that are out of our control. Whether you believe it or not, He has a reason and He loves you unconditionally. He will bring greatness out of sorrow.

Job 37:5  God thunders wondrously with his voice; he does great things that we cannot comprehend



2 responses to “God is Great

  1. Sherry Rotter says:

    Godd Word from our Good God!

  2. Sharon says:

    We may not always understand but God does. I am so thankful for that! Love and prayer.

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