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Faith : 1.belief or trust: belief in, devotion to, or trust in somebody or something, especially without logical proof

on April 22, 2014



I have always believed in God.

Every time the church doors were open we were there. I had the sweetest Sunday school teachers that made the bible come alive on felt boards. We had a lady named Cleo that would come in class every Sunday and would play the piano and she would tell us to sing so loud that the people in the sanctuary would hear us. We sure could sing loud as we had a lot of kids in Sunday school! That was back in the day when going to church was the American way. Kids dressed up in pretty dresses and dress shirts and ties and were so proud to stand in line and drop there offering in the bucket. I loved Sunday school and I couldn’t wait to memorize my verse of the week and share it for the next week to get a star beside my name on the bible chart.

All this was great, but just because I went to church did not make me a Christian. What did you say??? Going to church does NOT make you a Christian! I was 7 years old when my sister Becky ask me if I wanted to be a Christian, I wasn’t sure what all was involved, but her being the older “wiser” sister I agreed. We went up to my parents bedroom and knelt down at my Mom’s hope chest. I remember it had a piece of cloth across it that depicted the last supper. Not sure if that had anything to do with kneeling in that particular place, but kneel we did and she led me in the “repeat after me sinners prayer”.

I didn’t feel any different afterwards, but I specifically remember her telling me, Good, now if you die you will go to Heaven. That was good enough for me so we hugged and ran off to play.

This past week I had someone tell me, Sarah you have too much faith… I don’t think that is possible. How can one have too much faith? I believe God is healing me and I have faith that He has worked wonders in my body that we just weren’t expecting. I thought about the thousands of people that have been praying for me across the world. People that do not know me from Adam have emailed and said my church is praying for you, my bible study is praying for you. I have received over 1,000 cards from people I have never heard of and churches all over the country. People have been praying for a miracle for me! Now that God is moving and miracles are happening people are second guessing what is going on. What do you mean the tumor has shrunk? What do you mean they aren’t going to do this or do that?

How can you ask God to move in a situation and then when He does you second guess Him? Do we not believe that He is a mighty God? The great physician? I believe that God gave doctors the smarts to help people and invent machines to help people, but the bottom line is medicine is still a practice, but God can do anything!

Yes I have too much faith and I think it’s wonderful! Since kneeling on that hope chest and asking God into my heart I have had faith. When I went my own way and got away from the church I still had faith. When I had trials come my way from hard pregnancies and surgeries and the death of my sweet mama, I had faith. From the time the words, you have cancer were said to me that changed my life, I had faith. I will admit some days the faith was stronger then others, but when nothing else seemed to be going right, I have my faith and that can never be taken away from me.

God is moving in my life, He has shrunk this tumor  and I am praying that He will continue to take it away completely! Am I still in pain? Yes! Do I still have to take medicine? Yes! Do I still have to go in for blood test and urine test? Yes! Just like everything in life, I am a work in progress, but the difference is I have the great physician working in my corner and when that day comes that I hear you are cancer free then you all will know that faith is what got me to that place. Faith that God works miracles!

Do you doubt to often? Do you allow things in life to get to you? How about having a little faith in God and allowing Him to take over when you can’t continue on. So many things in life we can’t control and that’s when faith comes in. It’s so hard to let go, but when you do God is ready to take over. Give it to Him tonight!


Isaiah 7:9 If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all


One response to “Faith : 1.belief or trust: belief in, devotion to, or trust in somebody or something, especially without logical proof

  1. Sarah you inspire me! Continually praying for you and your family!

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