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To My Sister’s

on May 11, 2014


It was about 1 AM in the morning when we were all sleeping and suddenly there was loud banging on the front door. I was the only kid to still live at home and my bedroom was downstairs. It scared the snot out of me to the point where I ran upstairs and woke my parents that someone was trying to break in! Dad quickly got dressed and ran downstairs and Mom was right on his heals. Only to find that it was my brother Matt and sister n law Traci. We immediately thought they were in trouble because why else would they be banging on the door at one in the morning!

We all went in the living room where through tears my brother told us that they were pregnant! It was great news… maybe not one in the morning worthy, but great news!! A short time after that news my sister Becky and her husband Will found out they were expecting there first baby. It was so wonderful to be an Aunt! I spoiled Savannah and Marcus so much! I loved to babysit and buy them things and loads of cute outfits. I also got to watch in awe as my brother and sister became parents. To see them go from party people to settling down and back to church and raising these sweet babies. It was an honor to watch that. It wasn’t long before my other sister Laura and her husband Eddie found out they were expecting and again Matt and Traci and then again Becky and Will. Alex was born in January, Jake was born in March and Carrington was born in May… all in the same year! I was loving it and I was broke!! 😉 Oh the sweetness from those babies! I could barely stand it! Again I babysat and spoiled them so much.

That same year I got married to Darin and together we became the happiest Aunt and Uncle. As I watched my family raise a family I knew that one day I would want to follow in there footsteps. I learned so much from them and I was so blessed that even though they were involved in church and at the time I was more into the party scene (and Probably not the best influence to be around kids) they allowed me to be part of these kids lives. I still to this day love Savannah who is 17, Marcus who is 17, Alex who is 15, Jake who is 15 and Carrington who will be 15 tomorrow, like they are my own kiddos. They all live within 10 minutes of each other in WV. I am the only one who lives away so it’s hard for me not to see them as often as I would like, but you can bet when I am in WV we do our best to take them to the movies or parks or something that we can do to spend time with them.

When we finally found out we were pregnant with our first one it was so exciting to know that after watching my brother and sisters for so long, that we would be able to raise our own kiddos. Montana Rose was born first then Caleb and then Jax and then I was done!! 😉 God has truly blessed us with 3 amazing kids! I try my best every day to remember how my sweet Mama raised us and do my best to follow in her footsteps. She was so wonderful and raised us with such love and well deserved discipline. She prayed over us night and day and even into our teen years would wait up in her rocking chair till the wee hours of the morning. I remember pulling into the driveway many times and seeing her there in the kitchen window. I would go in and she would just say, Thank you Jesus for bringing her home safely.

I could tell you story after story of my sweet Mama, but my main focus tonight was to focus on my sisters. Laura, Becky and Traci, I love you 3 so much and am so proud to call you my sisters! Thank you for showing me how wonderful it is to be a parent and allowing me to “practice” on loving your sweet kiddos. I pray you are blessed beyond blessed tomorrow on this Mother’s Day. I hope you are spoiled and loved. Becky, what a great Mother’s day gift to have your girlie’s birthday on Mother’s day! Enjoy those kiddos and don’t forget to thank God for such beautiful, healthy, wonderful kids!

Happy Mother’s day to all you beautiful Mom’s out there! Be blessed and hold your kiddos tight no matter how old they are!

Proverbs 31:28  Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her:


One response to “To My Sister’s

  1. Sharon Albright says:

    What a wonderful family! Hope you had a great Mother’s Day!

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