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My Maw

on May 18, 2014


If you could picture the perfect round belly, rosy cheeks, beautiful eyes full of laughter and mischief, warm heart and overflowing love, that was my granny. Her given name was Rayetta Louis and we gave her the name of Maw. I asked my Mom one time how she got the name Maw and she told me that one of us kids couldn’t say Grandma and could only say Maw. It ended up sticking and everyone in the family and extended family caught on and Maw it was. She hated her real name so she loved being called Maw. When you walked into her home the first thing you would notice was the smell of something wonderful! She had this turquoise pot that never left that stove and she always had something yummy cooking. Other then the smell though was the antiques. Wall after wall, shelf after shelf, cabinet after cabinet was simply stuffed with antiques!

She called them her “twidlies” and she was very proud of them and would love to explain to us where she got each one. I used to LOVE spending the night and she would allow me to go out to the big living room with the most special antiques and she would sit down and let me sit on her lap. I would point to one thing and ask her to tell me the story behind it. This would go on till her eyes would get heavy and she would tuck me in the cot that she would always set up in front of the pot bellied stove. On rainy nights you would hear the rain on the tin roof and between that and the cozy fire, it would lull me to the most peaceful sleep.

She also had loads of out buildings and one of them was a summer kitchen. Basically a kitchen detached from the house to cook in during the summer so you didn’t heat up the main house. She had so many neat, amazing, beautiful things to look at in every building and when she would tell me to go out to the building to get her something I would stand there and stare at everything on the shelves in complete amazement and think, what could I get into. 😉 She would usually have to end up leaning her head out the door and yell, “Lizzie, come on in and you better not be getting into stuff”!

My middle name is Elizabeth so her nickname for me was Lizzie. She had a name for all of her grand babies. My sweet Maw passed away almost 11 years ago. I was pregnant with Caleb and was a high risk pregnancy and we were up there visiting and the next week I had to be rushed to the hospital to stop preterm labor. Maw died the following week… I was not allowed to travel, so I missed her funeral. It’s one of the saddest moments of my life. I wanted to save the life of our son, but I couldn’t pay my respects to the life that was lost.

Tonight I am not writing about cancer, I know this blog is about my journey through cancer, but frankly I am tired of talking about it. 😉 So tonight I am sharing this story with you because I am going to talk about something I LOVE! Decorating!! I think every man who reads this just turned off the computer when they saw that word. 😉

If you still walked in Maw’s house right now, it looks like she is still there. Nothing has changed, nothing has moved and my Aunt keeps it just the way Maw had it. I can’t wait to go up to WV again because I am going to ask her if I can go to Maw’s house and look around. I want to relive memories and feel Maw in that place again. In honor of Maw, I am redecorating our kitchen to a awesome retro 50′s – 60′s theme. My color scheme is turquoise walls, white cabinets and pops of red and yellow here and there. No I’m not putting new cabinets in as nice as that would be, but I am going to paint them. Darin and I went to a couple of antique places here in town yesterday and as I walked through I would say, Awww Maw had this or Maw had that. I felt like I was walking through her house.

Don’t get me wrong I would love to have a beautiful updated kitchen with loads of upgrades and a refrigerator that would please for the love of pete start making ice again… Different story for a different time. However we have a very basic kitchen with used appliances and a formica countertop. In a weird way though I love it and it reminds me of the simple kitchen that I grew up in and enjoyed when I went to Maw’s.  Many, many memories have happened in that plain old kitchen that will last a lifetime! For now, I will work with what we have and be ever so thankful that we have a roof over our head!

Today I started this retro transformation and I can’t wait to get it done!! Here is a few things that I have picked up at the antique shop and yard sales today and I am pretty excited to get these things together! First off I found this awesome fan at the antique shop…


It still works!!! Which makes me really excited! It wasn’t much, but today when I went to yard sales I ended up finding a little bit bigger one for $1… I was SO excited that I now had 2 of these awesome fans! This spoon and fork set I bought at a yard sale for $2 is the exact same set that was hanging in Maw’s kitchen.


I also found this tabletop jukebox for $5 and I thought it would look really cute in the kitchen


Now to something I would LOVE to find is this


Maw had this exact one hanging in her house and I think it would be awesome to find one to hang in ours! However I have searched antique shops, thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales and so much more and I cannot find this phone! It’s getting to be very frustrating! So if you are in any of the above places and you happen to see this phone could you please email me and let me know how much they want for it! I also bought a very 50’s fabric tonight at the fabric shop tonight for the curtains. Did I tell you how excited I am to do this? Darin used to be annoyed when I would do things like this, but he knows now it makes me happy and it keeps my mind off of what is really going. No I am not trying to avoid what I am going through, I just want to move on.

Hopefully we can get this done this week as there is no way we can afford to eat out every meal while everything is all over the counters and stove top! Thank you for listening to me run my mouth non stop about something that really has no relevance to anything, but like I said it makes me happy! I miss Maw so bad, but now I have a feeling I will feel very close to her when I spend time in the kitchen.

What are you getting ready to start or finish in your busy days? Spring always makes me feel energized to do new things and makes things look nice. Darin has started his veggie garden and I can’t wait to reap the benefits of that.  I hope whatever you are starting or finishing that you will feel accomplished!


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