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Get aways, Dr. Appointments and Randomness

on May 26, 2014


We just came back home from a much needed mini get away. We were to stay one more night at the cottage, but when you put one 6 ft tall woman and a 6 ft 8 in. man in a full size bed it just looks funny. We have to roll in unison so we don’t knock each other out of bed! We also wanted to get back home to work on things around the house tomorrow. The kitchen is done being painted, but the dining room is still a work in progress and things are everywhere! So here we are back in our home and we have thoroughly enjoyed a beautiful evening around the fire pit watching the kiddos play football. I even got out there and showed them how to throw. 😉

It’s going to be a busy week starting Tuesday. Kids will be back to school to finish up the SOL testing, Wednesday I am off to the hospital to get my tube changed out… again, Thursday I have a Dr. appointment to see why I am regressing in the getting better aspect of things. I am starting to feel as bad as I did when I first found out I had cancer. I’m not sure why or what is causing it, but hoping the Dr. can enlighten me on the situation as I really need to get out of this pain and start enjoying summer! I have always been a summer lover, but last summer I was so sick and did not realize I had cancer so I did not enjoy it at all. I really need to be okay to enjoy this summer! Pray that it is nothing major and something the Dr. can help me out with.

I had a lot of time to reflect this weekend as there is no internet, TV or phone service at the cottage. It truly is time for family and relaxation. I am so glad that we are able to raise kiddos who adore being outside. It’s unfortunately a rare thing as so many kids would rather sit in front of a TV with video games or be on the phone non stop. It’s good to know that the kids are always more excited than us to go to the cottage to get away from everything. They jump in the kayaks and chase each other down to the bay and back. We take naps in the middle of the day and don’t feel like we are missing anything. There is no stress and we play games and laugh and reconnect as a family.

When we came back today I had that old song playing in my head, “back to life, back to reality…” It’s always sad to leave such peace and come back to the city. I can’t wait to see if the day ever comes where we can move away from the city and live out in the country on a farm!

Other than all of that I am sitting at 9,600 views. We are almost to 10,000 views! I am hoping to do something special when that happens! I am beyond humbled at how many people have read my story. Little old me who didn’t think that anyone would ever read what I had to say, but you all did and you shared with your friends and your family and now I am sitting at almost 10,000 views!! I found a way to look at how many countries my blog has been read in and here is what is was…


Humbled doesn’t even begin to tell you how I feel. I have prayed over each person that has read my blog. I pray that you will be blessed and somehow encouraged through my words. If cancer does eventually take me I pray I can leave a legacy exactly like my Mama did and hopefully I have been of some help to many of you. I also pray that maybe one day God will decide to heal me and then I will need to write about other things than cancer! Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

Regardless of what happens I am so thankful for all of you that take time out to read my story every time I post. I hope you continue to do so and will continue to share it with your friends and family. May you all be blessed!

Tomorrow remember to take time to pray for the ones who have lost a love one while fighting for this great country of ours. I’m not sure when it turned into a holiday of sales at the mall, BBQ’s and drinking times, but I know we have personally lost military friends during the war and it’s hard to see the families left behind. It’s always fun to get together with friends and family, but make sure you still remember why we have memorial day and say a prayer for those that have lost.

This was just a random brain spill, but wanted to update you all on everything. I will share more after the Dr. appointments this week! Please again pray that it is nothing serious and I can just get over the pain and start to feel better again!

So what do you do to relax? Where do you like to go to find your peace? Would love to hear your stories! Comment section is open!



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