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How am I Doing?

on June 6, 2014

Well… How does the old song go? I’m back in the saddle again? Yeah unfortunately I am back in the saddle that I don’t want to be in… The hospital. Not that I don’t love this hospital. Seriously y’all, this is in my humble opinion the best hospital in Virginia Beach. From the front desk to the higher up staff, angio lab, the nurses and the oncology floor. Even the people who deliver food and clean the floors, they all at least act like they love there jobs and treat you like a best friend. I will always come to Beach General for anything!

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling to hot. I woke up feeling nauseous and loads of anxiety. My side hurt where the tube was at and I threw my hands up and said I’m going to the beach. Well thank God I didn’t drive because I don’t remember one moment of the beach other then the fact that I kept falling asleep and did not feel good in any way shape or form. I came home, took a shower and laid down in hopes of sleeping it off. My dear pastor came over and prayed with me and I don’t even remember her leaving. When I woke up Darin told me, you are going to the hospital and I don’t want any lip about it… Yes sir! 😉

By the time I got to the hospital, my temp was almost 103 and my heart was racing, I had the shakes and the room was spinning. They took me back and after blood test, urine test and x-rays they came up with the conclusion that I had a right nasty infection growing in my tube. Of course the tube that has caused me non stop trouble since the day it got put in… Yeah that one. (insert sarcasm here) I don’t think I would remember I had cancer if it wasn’t for this gosh darn tube!!!!

Now I’m going to back up a few days when my sister Becky called me and ask me what I was doing this weekend. She had 2 free nights at a oceanfront hotel and thought it would be great if all of us sisters got together and had a sister’s weekend before my surgery. I thought it sounded like a wonderful idea and I was all in! I was told that me being kept in the hospital would only be a 12 observation and then I would go home… Well, the Dr. today said no, we need to wait for all of your cultures to come back which won’t be till tomorrow morning…

I haven’t packed, I haven’t baked anything, I don’t even know if I have a proper swimming suit to lay out in and my sister’s will be here in less then 12 hours and I’m STILL in the hospital!!!! Hang on while I page the nurse for a nerve pill!!

This is where I look up and say God, what are your plans in all of this? Because I’m really stressed and I just want to feel good to enjoy this time with my sister’s. A time that we have never been able to take before. I just want to relax and breathe and spend the evening with my husband and kids before I leave, but no, I’m in a hospital bed with tubes hanging out of me. I may be a little bitter right now.

On a good note, Darin had a business meeting tonight so I had him bring the kids here and they got to hang out in the room with me. I grabbed my IV machine and we took a walk out to the gardens, played cards, enjoyed ice cream and watched Princess Protection Program. (That last one was not my choice.) 😉

They will still be in school tomorrow when I leave so I went ahead and said my goodbyes and I’m looking forward to leaving tomorrow. My Dr. Promised me I would be discharged at 8AM tomorrow. I have proof in his writing on my board. He even left me his extension and told me if he is not here by 8 to call him. You bet your bottom I will call him!!! All in Christian love of course. 😉

Other then that this week has been crazy and I am already looking forward to laying on the beach with my beautiful sister’s. Keep yours prayers coming that this infection goes away quickly so we can get this surgery out of the way and I can start to enjoy this summer soon!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather!




2 responses to “How am I Doing?

  1. Judy Englert says:

    Enjoy your weekend. Hope you have a wonderful time with your sisters. We continue to pray for you every day. God bless you and your family as you continue on this journey back to good health!

  2. Hope you are having fun mommy i love you and miss you

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