that crazy cancer girl

My journey through cervical cancer

Weeds and Sins

on June 14, 2014


We made a little walkway through our yard last year to the front door because we always were walking through the yard to get on the porch. We worked hard for a couple of days and laid down black cloth to keep weeds from growing through, then sand and pebbles and finally pavers. It’s not perfect, but it looks country like and welcoming.

Over the warm months weeds have started to grow through and I kept thinking I need to pull those before they get to bad. However life and illness took over and tonight when we came home from the market I looked and you could barely see the pavers due to the weeds. I put the groceries away and while Darin worked in his garden in the back I decided to grab a cushion off the porch and sit down to pull all the weeds.

I asked Montana if she wanted to help me and she agreed and we got to it. She kept saying, wow this is a lot of weeds! I told her that I kind of enjoyed it. There was a beautiful breeze blowing and although the skies were fairly dark with threatening rains, no thunder or lighting were happening so we sat out pulling weeds just chatting. I love to get my hands in the dirt and although pulling weeds is not the part I like, I still felt at peace just listening to her tell me about her day.

She stopped talking for awhile and then said, Mom, these weeds are like sin. It takes over and then you have to take a lot of time to pull all of the sin out… I love her soul!! I told her that I fully agreed!

Just like those weeds on the walkway that I kept saying I would get to, we start out with just a little sin and we keep thinking it’s just a little one, it doesn’t matter. Then we allow that little sin to turn into something a little more and a little more and before we know it our hearts are overcome with sin. We are then at the point where we don’t know where to start. We can barely see God in our heart because we have allowed so much sin to take over.

It’s a lot harder to get all that sin out than it was to let take over. I don’t want my heart to be like that walkway full of weeds. When my day comes when I stand before the Lord, (hopefully a longggg time from now) I want Him to say that I was a good and faithful servant. I don’t want Him to have to try and dig through my sins to find my heart.

What does your heart look like tonight? Have you allowed those small things to get out of hand? God can take all those “weeds” out of you and make your heart clean again. Those little sins look so tempting and so inviting, but will they be worth it in the end? We will all stand before God whether we are taken off this earth early or on judgment day. How will your heart be viewed?

Psalms 51:10 Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.



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