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Thankful Through the Storm

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She came in to my room to mop the floors and empty the trash. Most people overlook those who clean, but I love to talk with anyone! I struck up a conversation and we ended up talking for 20 minutes. It honestly was the highlight of my day. She shared with me some of her past and told me how she became a Christian a little over a year ago. It was so wonderful to hear of God’s mercy in her life and God’s grace that has been given to her.

I think about why I am constantly in the hospital. I have been here since Sunday and hopefully get to leave tomorrow. I had a bad reaction to the chemo and ended up with chemo induced neuropathy. I kept asking God why I have to keep going through this over and over, but continually I am here. Today I thrived on hearing this ladies story. She was so thankful to me for listening and I then I am reminded how God puts you in places at certain times for a reason.

I believe today was one of them. She trusted me with her powerful story and it gave me goose bumps to hear what others have gone through. When I feel sorry for myself and what I am going through I think of others who have gone through so much more and I thank God for His grace.

In some weird way, I love coming to this hospital. I know I have talked about it many times, but I feel so loved here. The nurses are amazing and I know without a doubt that I am in the best of hands. When I walk through the halls in the main lobby and different people from the angio lab, nurses and others see me and come up to give me a hug. It’s so wonderful to know these people and have them in my life. Whether they know it or not, they have made an impact on my life and I am so thankful that God placed me in this moment in this time.

Tonight as I sit here in my bed, I feel peace. My sister drove down from WV and has been by my side this entire time. She has a little bed made up beside me and has been an amazing sidekick for me. My dear friends, Kim and Lori have taken the kids to their homes and fed them and had fun with them while Darin was at work. I am loved, I am taken care of and regardless of the situation whether it’s good or bad, God hasn’t changed and He is right here with me every step of the way.

When I think things aren’t going my way, God shows up and lets me know that He is still with me and just like the sweet lady who cleaned my room this morning, I am thankful that God steps in when we need Him most.

Do you take time to be thankful? Not just when things are going your way, but even in times of trials? I try to tell myself that it could always be so much worse. Someone out there is going through so much more. The lady this morning went through pure hell and she is thankful for God intervening in her life. Are you thankful that even in the bad times God is with you and is holding you through it? Tell God what you are thankful for tonight and maybe when you find things to be thankful for, then your situation might not seem so bad.


Psalms 34:17-20 When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles. The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all. He keeps all his bones; not one of them is broken.

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Who is your Hero?


If you were a child of the 70’s or 80’s you probably remember Underoos. I had quite a few pairs and I thought they were so awesome of an “outfit” that I would wear them quite frequently running around the house. If I had to go outside then I would just put a pair of shorts on and leave the tank top as my top. I would have to say my favorite one was the one with Wonder Woman on it. She was awesome! At the ripe age of 7, she was my hero. She was a woman that could do anything and I so wanted to be her!!

As I got older I started to understand what made up a real hero. Men and women going off to war, never returning to their families and making the ultimate sacrifice. They are true heroes. Watching my Dad go through surgery after surgery and fighting through the pain to go to work every day for his family and then running a food bank for over 30 years to feed family after family. He is a true hero. Watching my Mama fight through her painful cancer to continue to lead others to Christ while cancer was eating away at her body and she still smiled through it all. She was a true hero.

Wednesday morning my dear friends had told me to come to church in the afternoon. I knew something was up because of certain things that had been said throughout the week, but I didn’t know to what extent. When we pulled up there was a sign that said “Parking for Sarah Unterbrink” hanging on the outside rails in front of the church. Immediately I wanted to not get out of the truck. I believe I have mentioned it before that I am not a fan of being in the limelight. As I walked inside my favorite piano player Keith was playing beautiful music coming from the sanctuary. My friend Lori came over to me and told me I needed to follow her in the sanctuary. As I walked in people were sitting in the pews and my mind was screaming at me to run the other way.

Everyone started coming up to me and hugging me and telling me how proud they are of me… I thought maybe they were celebrating my funeral ahead of time so I know what it would be like. 😉 After everyone got seated, Lori started telling me what a great influence I was for her and how much of an inspiration I am and I honestly wasn’t grasping it all. Then the side door opened and there was my friend Carolyn holding lots of balloons, followed by tv people and camera men! I was waiting for the Publishers sweepstakes people to follow, but they must have missed the memo. 😉 Anyway they presented me with an award called, Hampton Roads Hero award… Me a hero? No, no, no, you have the wrong person! You see I just have cancer, I don’t do anything special. Millions of people have cancer. There are so many out there that do awesome, amazing things that deserve a hero award. Not me! My mind was racing and the camera man was really close! When you all watch this on tv just be sure not to focus on the large pores that he was zooming on 😉

Everything seemed to fly by and I’m not sure everything that was said or even what I said, but I wanted them to know that God is my hero. He is the one who helps me with this fight everyday. I sit here in my bed and look at the beautiful plaque I was presented with while chemo is ravaging my body I certainly don’t feel like a hero. I have no red cape and I certainly do not have my Underoos anymore, but I do have God’s word to stand on and I have Him to hold my hand and help me through this tough journey.

My friend Carolyn nominated me for this award. The one who works everyday, the one who takes care of her 3 kids everyday, The one who helped start the kids Closet at her church to help less fortunate ones clothe and feed their littles. The one who works in the nursery every Sunday and still finds time to take her kiddos to ballet, football, basketball and every other sport… She nominated me for this award. Maybe I feel a little backwards about excepting it knowing what she does everyday. However she did this for me and here is what she wrote…

In recognition of your extraordinary efforts and commitment to the Hampton Roads community, FOX43 celebrates your invaluable service to others. You were nominated by Carolyn for your commitment to people everywhere through your blog, “That Crazy Cancer Girl.” In the nomination she said: Although she is in the battle for her life, she remains upbeat and encouraging to so many others. She is an incredible inspiration to her family, friends, Sunday School class, and thousands of others that she has never even met through her blog of her journey. A journey that would cause many to hide under their covers and push the world away. Sarah ends each blog with an inspirational thought, question, or an invitation to pray for others. She is a true Hampton Roads Hero!!….

Those words were some of the hardest words I have ever had to read. I’m so thankful for friends that treat me with such passion and love regardless of who I am or how I act. I want to them all know that they are my true hero’s! They are the ones that cheer me up and hold my hand through the tough times. They are the ones who leave beautiful gifts on my porch for me to discover when I come home from the hospital stays, they are the ones who will let me call or text in the middle of the night and say I need prayer and they will pray with me. No capes need here, just true Heroes!

Who is you hero? Who do you look up to in times of need? Do you have supportive friends or family? If not I would love to introduce you to God! He is an amazing Hero that will help you through any circumstance that comes your way! Give it to Him tonight and allow Him to hold your hand through the tough times!

Ephesians 1:6 To the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us accepted in the Beloved




This won’t be long as I am tired and hurting tonight, but once again I come to you needing prayers. Tomorrow I start my new chemo. I need prayers for this to work, I need prayers for me to not get as sick as they think I will get and I need prayers for peace in my heart and peace in my mind. I’m still relying on God for that miracle and I won’t give up! If you could please say a prayer for me that my body won’t reject this chemo and hopefully it won’t shut down my kidneys like the last one did. I’m ok with being sick, just not ok with being so sick that I have to go to the hospital. I know many of you pray regularly for me and I am so appreciative of that! I hope I’m not being selfish by asking for a few extras for tomorrow. My anxiety is up a bit and I hope that everything will go just fine!

Please pass this onto your friends and just keep me in your prayers for tomorrow. It’s always hard starting a new journey especially when the road looks so worn already. Thank you so much for everything! I had a wonderful experience today that I will share with you all soon, but right now I am headed to bed as I need to be at chemo at 8:30. God bless you all!

Mark 5:34
He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”


Inconvient Changes


Growing up in WV most of the roads in our city were one lane each way. Other then the interstate it is still that way. It was nice driving down the street and seeing a friend coming the other way and waving or honking the horn. As a kid there wasn’t much traffic and everyone took their time when driving. When I learned to drive it was the same way and I enjoyed driving everywhere. When I met Darin and got married, we bought a house on King street and it was so wonderful having my new hubby and a new house and still being near my family and friends.

Four months after we were married Darin told me that he had applied for a job in Virginia Beach. I had never thought that I would ever leave WV, but I knew he was miserable there. You see everyone in town knew my parents, I was used to a small town where everyone knew your business. If I did something wrong as a teenager, most of the time my parents knew about it before I got home. It was nice though sometimes knowing so much in a small town because you could help others when they were down and out or watch out for a neighbors house when they were out of town. I enjoyed living in a small town. Darin on the other hand hated it! He did not like the thought of so many others knowing our business and it didn’t matter how much I tried to tell him that it wasn’t that bad, he wasn’t buying it.

We found out the next month that he had gotten the job in Virginia beach and we were moving. I believe that would be the first time I ever felt anxiety. The thought of leaving my parents, my brother and sisters, my baby nieces and nephews, the church I grew up in and the friends I grew up with! No, no no! That would never work! I tried my best to tell him that we needed to stay, but no amount of words would work. He was upset for taking me away from my family and the only life that I had ever known. He would hold me and let me cry on him and he would comfort me when I would start crying as we packed the house up. He was so excited to start our new life together in a new place and I will admit that living at the beach did sound amazing, but the thought of living anywhere else was something so out of my comfort zone!

Within another month we had found renters for our home and we packed up and said our goodbyes and left WV. Darin was driving the Uhaul and I was driving our vehicle following him crying for about 2 hours. The trip felt like the longest day of my life and driving through that tunnel for the first time by myself, was enough to make me take a nerve pill!

We unloaded the Uhaul and the next day Darin left for a week long business trip. I stood in our apartment and had the first of many breakdowns! I attempted once to get in the car and go shopping and realized that in town was 4 lanes each way and that didn’t include the access roads beside the 4 lane road. I pulled in a parking lot and cried some more because I was scared to death that I would surely die on Virginia Beach blvd. I went back home and called Mom and just cried. She knew how upset I was because I never cried, but I couldn’t seem to stop since Darin had told me that he got the job. I felt so alone, so scared and it was too many changes at the same time.

That was almost 15 years ago and now I know most of the streets in Virginia Beach like the back of my hand. I still miss the roads of WV because I don’t feel stressed when I drive through them like I do down here.

We go through so many changes in life, some good and some bad. We have to face these changes and it all depends on our attitude when you get to the outcome. I didn’t have the best of attitudes when we first moved here because I was scared of the unknown, I was scared of being away from what was my comfort place, my home. I had told myself that I would never have friendships like I did in WV and I would never be able to see my family everyday.

When I found out I had cancer, I felt the same way I did when we moved. I was so scared, I didn’t want change, I didn’t want to get out of my comfort zone. I was so happy just drifting through life being a wife and a Mama. Our world got shaken up when we heard those words that I had advanced stage cancer. We cried and we questioned and it was rough those first couple of months trying to find our way through the newness and trying to follow the directions.

Slowly over time it started to become my familiar. I started to see where I was going and what I was fighting for and I got comfortable with the routine of things. Sometimes it involved a lot of pain and other times I felt like I never had cancer. However just when things started to get easier, that bomb got dropped on us that things had not gotten better, they got worse! The roller coaster ride was out of control and once again I felt scared and was way out of my comfort zone!

I had someone ask me, “why are you still relying on God when He has only let you down. If He truly wanted the best for you, then why are you still suffering?” I thought about this and thought about how many changes I have gone through in this life and I looked at them and said, through every change, through every season, through every up and down in my life, there has been one constant thing that has never changed, that one is God.

I don’t question anymore, I get up every morning and I thank God that he has got me up for one more day. I will do whatever it takes to be a witness for Him because He is the only reason that I can make it through this pain, through these changes and through the unknown. I am truly blessed that God knew exactly what He was doing when He made me. He doesn’t live in comfort and familiar, He wants to keep us on our toes as Christians. If He gave us everything we wanted and ask Him for whenever we ask then we would never learn faith, we would never learn trust.

When something goes wrong now, I look up and say, I’m sorry for getting comfortable. Please let me ever be inconvenienced and never comfortable with our relationship with Him. God brought me through that move in WV by giving both of us, amazing friends, a wonderful church, the best neighbors anyone could ever ask for and that true feeling of peace every time I sit on that beach. Just like He brought me through those changes, I know that He will bring me through this cancer.

Do you like changes? Do you like to be inconvenienced? It’s a tough way to live, but how else will you learn faith and trust? God wants us to come to Him when life throws you curve balls that involve major changes. He wants us to rely on Him and not on things of this world. Learn to trust Him tonight before a major change comes, that way you know that you can rely on Him to bring you through any change that comes your way!

Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today, yes and forever

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What are you Placing Your Hope in?


In every season, in every change
You are near
In every sorrow,
You are my strength
You are near

A peace in the storm
Your voice I will follow
In weakness I rise
Remembering You hold the world

I’m holding on to hope
I’m holding on to grace
I’m fully letting go
I’m surrendered to Your ways

The anchor for my soul
Father You will never change

I love You, I love You

My great Redeemer,
My constant Friend
You are near
My faithful Father,
You took me in
You are near

I will remember Your promise forever
My Strength, my Defender
I can count on You
You are my Savior, My Hope and my Shelter
Your love is forever
I can count on You

Did you read the words? If you didn’t start back to the beginning and read them. This song speaks volumes to me! Tomorrow I go in to have my port put in. It’s a surgery that these Doctors do day in and day out. However it’s not something I am looking forward to and even though I know every person in that Angio lab, it’s still a little scary. I know I am in good hands and I am even in God’s hands so I know that everything will turn out just fine.

I have always been a tank top person. I don’t like shirts around my neck and I hate wearing sleeves. This is going to be a whole new world for me with trying to cover this port up until it heals and is not as noticeable as when they first put it in. I try not to think of the petty things about it and I am really trying to concentrate on what awesome things this port will do for me. I think of it as my hope…. No I have not taken my hope off of God, but in a sense I have hope that with this port, they will be able to easily get a line started to get chemo going. They will easily be able to draw blood. I have the worst veins and they never cooperate when needed.

Just like this song says, I am holding on to hope for this port to be an avenue to possibly allow the chemo to shrink this massive tumor. Most of all I am holding onto hope that God is going to work through this and bring healing for me. I’m not giving up anytime soon and I need to fight through the sickness, through the hair loss, through the pain to come out victorious in the end. I have said this before and I will say it again, I don’t think my story is done yet, God has something wonderful in store for me! I’m not letting go of that feeling!

I had another woman come up to me tonight and told me that I inspired her. I ask her in what way and she said she hadn’t had an exam in years and she has one scheduled for next week. That to me tells me that God is using me. I started this blog in hopes of not only getting things off my chest and to keep family and friends updated on what is going on, but most of all to bring awareness. If I have to go through this kind of pain to help someone else from going through it, then it was worth all of it! God is using me and I am so glad He is allowing me to be a vessel for Him!

The humbling part of it all is I don’t feel worthy when people tell me this stuff, I’m just Sarah a stay at home Mama of 3 amazing kids and a wife to one good looking bearded man. I have never done any major things in my life and people on the street pass right by me everyday because I am someone in the shadows. I don’t like the lime light and usually stray from any attention. I am just me, but God picked me to share His word with you and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

I’m holding onto hope tonight that I will be healed, I’m holding onto hope that I come out of this a better Christian, a better wife, a better Mama and a better friend. I want God to continue to be my anchor through this storm. I don’t want to be tossed back and forth when things get rough. I used to sing a song when I was in Sunday school as a little girl about the foolish man built his house upon the sand and his house came tumbling down. It went on to say that the wise man built his house upon the rock and the house stood firm. It wasn’t talking about a house, it was talking about how are you going to live your life?

Will you surround yourself with people who drink, cuss and carry on or are you going to stand firm on God’s word and trust Him for your needs in life. I decided a long time ago to stand firm on God’s word and allow Him to be my anchor, to keep me standing strong through any circumstance. We never know what things will cross our path in life and if you built your house on the sand what will happen when those storms come?

What are you placing your hope in tonight? A bottle? Friends? Drugs? ( I tried that route, it didn’t work out to well) How about letting God be your anchor and learn to stand firm in His promises. You won’t regret it! Listen to this song tonight and allow it to minister to you. Put your hope in God!


Home is Truly Where the Heart is!!


Oh my word!! Has it really been 1 week since I have blogged? This is the longest I have gone since I began and I thought I better start writing before I lose my readers! 😉 You all have no idea how much you mean to me! Every last one of you! It has been a long day today and we drove for exactly 10 hours! We made it to our hotel that we reserved a week ago and even called them today to tell them that we were running behind because of all the rain, but we would be there! Only to show up and hear that they had no room for us… I believe Darin’s head was going to blow up right off his neck! For a man that had been driving for 10 hours who just wanted to stretch out and hearing they had no room, was I believe the old saying of the straw that broke the camel’s back. Maybe that’s even an understatement!

Anyway we came another 10 miles down the road and found another hotel that was a thousand times better for the same price! We are all relaxing right now and hoping for a wonderful night of rest! We are coming to the end of our journey and although we seriously had the time of our lives we are ready for home. Our home, our bed, hugging our sweet pups that have been without us, taking care of our gardens and relaxing on the back deck in the evenings. We . Can’t. Wait!!!!

When I went to collage it was the first time that I had been away from WV, from my family, from my friends, my church and so many other things that I took for granted. It was tough those first few weeks, but as time went on it became easier and I got into a groove and I managed. When my parents came to pick me up after that first semester I remember literally pacing the campus knowing they were on there way. I couldn’t wait to wrap my arms around my parents and have some of Mom’s home cooking! When we crossed that line that said, Welcome to wild, wonderful West Virginia, I almost cried!

I remember rolling down my window and smelling that fresh country air and seeing the rolling hills. We pulled into our driveway and I got out and ran down to the back lot and just smiled! We had 53 and a half acres full of trails and rivers and loads of fun and I couldn’t wait to unpack and explore all of those acres again! I was so excited to be home!!

I believe I’ll feel that same way when we get home to the beach! I will roll down our windows and smell that amazing salty air and feel the sea breeze on my face! I will unpack then go to our beach and feel the cool sand between my toes and see our sweet pups. Nothing can replace that feeling of home!

It has been an amazing trip and I am so glad that we were able to show the kids so much of this great country we live in. We saw and did so many awesome things that we would have never had the opportunity to do if we had stayed home this summer. It was so awesome seeing the excitement and wonder on the kids faces when they got to experience new things. We met more relatives and got to visit with those we already knew, we got to meet friends for the first time and we smiled and laughed till our sides hurt.

The best part was we forgot all about hospitals, Dr.s and cancer for 2 and a half weeks!! There were days when the pain was more then I could handle, but we took our time through things and the pain would pass and we got right back up and kept going. We took everything in stride and enjoyed every blessed moment of this vacation!

I can’t thank each and everyone of you that had a part in helping us with this vacation, for those of you who we got to visit and meet along the way and for all of you who have prayed and continue to pray for us each and everyday. Please continue to share my blog as I will keep you updated along the way. I will especially need your prayers this coming week as I face a long and challenging week.

Monday I go in to the hospital at 8am to get my medi port put in, Tuesday I go to donate my hair and pick up Montana’s best friend from the airport for 10 days! We can’t wait to have her here with us!! Wednesday I go back to the hospital to get my tube changed out and Thursday I start the new chemo. It’s going to be a long and painful week and I am going to need your prayers so much! So please pray, share this with your friends and family so they can pray. Your prayers are what gets me through each day and I couldn’t have gotten this far without them.

Do you have a special place that you call home? Not only does our own home make us happy, but God is home to me as well. When things get rough we always want to go home and crawl in our bed and get away from it all, but when we can’t run home, we can go to God and allow Him to hold us and make us feel better. Where is your home tonight? Why don’t you let God move in your heart and feel the peace that only He can bring.

1 Corinthians 3:16 Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst?

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How do you Love your Family?

027Our kiddos with cousins!

I was raised in a large family. I’m the baby of 5, my Mama was the oldest of 5 and my Daddy was the second oldest of 6, so even the extended family goes on and on. We were never without someone to play with when growing up and it was awesome! When we got older all of us kids went our separate ways and started our own families, but we remained in touch with each other. When I met Darin I gained a whole new family, another large one!!

It has been wonderful meeting new faces of cousins and Aunts and Uncles over the years. Seeing them again over the past few days has been so nice to catch up and let the kids meet extended cousins and play at the farms here in Iowa. I love seeing them so happy! This trip has been such a blessing to all of us, but especially for me. Stopping in WV at first gave me a chance to spend time with my brother and sisters, nieces and nephews and especially my Daddy. I was able to see my sweet Aunt and my dear cousin and even met my second cousin for the first time who is going to be married tomorrow! I’m so excited for her new beginning! We saw friends that we haven’t seen in ages and got to catch up with so many people all in 4 days! It was a whirlwind of activity and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

I treasured every moment with those that I don’t get to see to often. When we headed out of WV and off to Indiana it was sad to say our goodbyes. I never know when I am going to get back to see everyone. When we finally got to Iowa here it has been so wonderful to see more family on Darin’s side. We went to his cousin’s farm yesterday and the kids were one big dirt ball from top to bottom by the time we left. They rode around on the John Deere Gators through mud puddles and grass and had a blast! They played with the 7 new kittens and the new pup. We petted the pigs and saw the new massive tractors. I have to admit I got behind the wheel of one gator and got a little dirty myself! We honestly had a blast and it was so wonderful to spent time with the “D family” as we like to call them. 😉

Tonight we are heading over to Darin’s Aunt and Uncles house for dinner and to see there beautiful horse farm! On Sunday close to 40 family members will be coming over to celebrate Caleb’s 11th birthday! It will be so awesome to see those I know and meet the new ones that have been praying for our family! Today when we went into town Paul my father n law took us to a local artist who does glass blowing. It was so beautiful and awesome to see how he made nothing into something beautiful! I sat there in awe and it made me think how God takes us from nothing and molds and makes us into something beautiful!

We so enjoyed the whole day and hanging out with the in-laws. What I’m trying to get at with all of this is I am blessed, I am beyond blessed with so much family on both sides just loving on us so much! Even if I wasn’t sick I know that they would still love on us non stop. Our friends have stepped up so much for us because we don’t have family in the area. We couldn’t have done any of what we have gone through without our friends. What we are getting to love about this trip is the family. It is so awesome to soak up the time that goes by way to quick with our family!

How do you appreciate your family? Do you have a good relationship or one that is stressed? Why don’t you take a moment to place a phone call, send a text or an email to let your family know how much you love and appreciate them. If you have a stressed relationship then make that first move to let them know that you are thinking of them. We all have great friends, but family will always be a part of you!

Joshua 24:15 But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your forefathers served beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD

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Hello from Iowa!!


Yesterday was the longest driving to date!! We went to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and had the best time acting like a kid! I hopped up on a 90 year old carousel and prayed that the age of the equipment would not fold under me. 😉 I ran through a mirror maze with the kids and dug for dinosaur’s. Seriously we could have spent a whole day as it had 5 floors full of different things to do! Well worth the stop and the people were amazing and super nice! We got there at the beginning of the day and the whole staff opened to a theatrical production. I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time! I also haven’t laughed that hard in ages! It was worth every minute to see our kiddos laughing and smiling and not having a worry on there little minds!

We got on the road around 12:30 headed towards Iowa. It was going well until we found a place to stop and get out to stretch. Hour and a half later we got back in the vehicle and set out again. Literally every hour one child or more had to pee, so stop after stop stretched out the day to longer then it should have been! Finally Darin got tired of driving and ask if I could drive. I took over and set the cruise and went. A few hours later the sun started to set and I have to tell y’all that I can’t get enough of sunsets over the bay and sunrise over the ocean. However sunset over the prairies and farms is enough to take your breath away! Every 5 minutes I would tell Darin to take a picture again, take another one! It was so beautiful I was having a hard time keeping my eyes on the road.

Around 10:30 I told him that he would have to drive again as I could barely keep my eyes open. We drove till we finally arrived at the in-laws around 1:30 in the morning. It was so nice to be able to lay flat on a bed and not be sitting up in the truck for so long! I will admit I was in a good amount of pain last night and was seriously thanking God that we made it safely! There was one deer that jumped out in front of us and made us slam on our brakes. He ran off without injury to either of us, other then the side of my tongue that I bit into as we slammed on our brakes. 😉

It has been a beautiful day here and we have enjoyed antiquing this afternoon and then Darin and I took the boys to the driving range as Montana stayed here and Grandpa taught her how to type on a 1940’s typewriter. 😉 Now we are all relaxing in the living room and planning our day tomorrow. It will be nice to be able to be out of the vehicle till Sunday and then back on the road come Monday morning. We are truly enjoying being away from Dr’s and hospitals and just being a family together. It’s kind of nice to forget about life for awhile.

By the way it’s to be the high 50’s tonight!! I am looking forward to sleeping in wonderful coolness like that! I hope you are all being blessed tonight and enjoying your family! I know we are!

Psalms 37:4  Delight yourself also in the LORD: and he shall give you the desires of your heart

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Road Trip Bound!!

005(Beginning of our road trip)

I was maybe 7 or 8 years old when right before Christmas our Dad told us that Christmas was not going to be what it usually was. Things were tight that year and groceries were down to the bare nothing. There would be no Christmas ham and possibly no tree. It was a disappointment to us kids, but we understood that Dad worked very hard, but Dr. bills and other bills were piling up. He then looked at us and said, We are faithful to God though and when you are faithful to Him then He will be faithful to you.

The days got closer to Christmas and we helped Mom around the house and Dad even pulled the old lights that my grandpa had given and hung them outside so we could feel “festive”. Christmas eve came and we all went to bed, not quite anticipating the surprised feeling that we usually felt on Christmas morning. Around midnight someone started banging on our door.

Dad ran downstairs and within a few moments we heard him yell for us kids to come downstairs. A sweet couple from our church was coming through the front door bringing a tree, gifts and armful after armful of groceries!! I remember looking at Mom and the tears just flowed. We ran up in the attic and brought down all the tree trimmings and sat down to decorate our tree.

Although we have had awesome Christmas mornings since then, I remember that one the most because of the way we were blessed and God showed Himself faithful to our parents.

When I began this journey I will be honest, I have questioned God… a lot!!! More than any Christian should! Of course I had a great relationship with God, but little did I know how much more of a relationship He wanted with me! I began praying more, reading my bible more because I wanted to understand Him more. In those moments of intense pain  and times of feeling alone, I needed to know that He was with me regardless of what I went through.

I talked to Dad one day and said I don’t understand Dad, we have been faithful to God and this is what I get for being faithful? He told me, Sarah, just wait, God is going to show Himself to be faithful and you will feel like the most blessed person in this world! Don’t give up hope. I didn’t and boy did God show up!

From day one, the meals, the prayers, the visits and so much more that people just started helping us with. Surgeries and procedures went by and while I was recovering in bed I was surrounded by friends and family who were there holding my hand and encouraging all of us.

Fast forward to now, it’s early Sunday morning and we are driving through the mountains of WV and I’m looking out the window at the fog rolling over the hills and it’s breathtaking. We are on our way to Indianapolis. Darin is driving and the kids are still in a early morning sleep coma… My heart is full and God showed up.

When we received the news that the cancer had spread, we knew we had to make it a priority to make memories with the kiddos. We tried to save and budget so we could make this trip, but bill after bill kept coming in the mail and it got tough. Darin and I laid in bed one night and I said, Honey, we are faithful and I know God will provide.

We never once asked anything from anyone, but friends started coming over and saying, I want to help you with your trip, I want to help you make memories with your kids. Checks started showing up in the mail and Darin and I just cried and cried. We just couldn’t believe the generosity of others. Some people that had never met us said they were a friend of a friend and wanted to help out.

We got to the point where we looked up and just said, we know this is God, we know that He is being faithful to us! We had budgeted a certain amount of money for the 2 weeks and before we knew it, God had provided above and beyond that and we just cried.

The gifts kept coming and the blessing kept coming. Surprises for the kids were coming in the mail and gifts were being left on our doorstep. It seemed everyone else was just as excited about our trip as we were! It was so awesome to be able to share our excitement with family and friends!

We have never had anything like this happen to us and I know that God was all over this trip from the beginning thought of it. He is the only one that knows our future and He knew that when we thought something was impossible that He would make it possible.

I want to thank each and everyone of you personally for everything that you have done for us as a family. You have made it possible to make these memories with our kiddos and to be able to see our friends and extended family. We needed this so badly. We needed to get out of the hospitals and Dr. offices for a little bit. Unfortunately the day after we get back, I have to get my port put in and a few days after that start chemo, but I know God will be all over that too.

As the bible says, don’t worry about tomorrow… So I won’t! I am going to enjoy each and every day of the next 2 weeks and I’m going to laugh and take pictures and hold my family and I’m going to thank the dear sweet Lord for each of you that made this possible! I pray that He will bless you abundantly!!

I will end this here as I can only type so much while we drive before I feel a bit puky 😉

Today, I challenge you to thank God for your blessings that you have. If you don’t think you have been blessed then be thankful that you were able to wake up again today to enjoy this beautiful day! I pray you all have an amazing day and love on those around you!! By the way, make sure you continue to share this as I will try to write from different cities and states along the way!

Psalms 33:4 For the word of the LORD is right and true; he is faithful in all he does




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