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Road Trip Bound!!

on July 6, 2014

005(Beginning of our road trip)

I was maybe 7 or 8 years old when right before Christmas our Dad told us that Christmas was not going to be what it usually was. Things were tight that year and groceries were down to the bare nothing. There would be no Christmas ham and possibly no tree. It was a disappointment to us kids, but we understood that Dad worked very hard, but Dr. bills and other bills were piling up. He then looked at us and said, We are faithful to God though and when you are faithful to Him then He will be faithful to you.

The days got closer to Christmas and we helped Mom around the house and Dad even pulled the old lights that my grandpa had given and hung them outside so we could feel “festive”. Christmas eve came and we all went to bed, not quite anticipating the surprised feeling that we usually felt on Christmas morning. Around midnight someone started banging on our door.

Dad ran downstairs and within a few moments we heard him yell for us kids to come downstairs. A sweet couple from our church was coming through the front door bringing a tree, gifts and armful after armful of groceries!! I remember looking at Mom and the tears just flowed. We ran up in the attic and brought down all the tree trimmings and sat down to decorate our tree.

Although we have had awesome Christmas mornings since then, I remember that one the most because of the way we were blessed and God showed Himself faithful to our parents.

When I began this journey I will be honest, I have questioned God… a lot!!! More than any Christian should! Of course I had a great relationship with God, but little did I know how much more of a relationship He wanted with me! I began praying more, reading my bible more because I wanted to understand Him more. In those moments of intense pain  and times of feeling alone, I needed to know that He was with me regardless of what I went through.

I talked to Dad one day and said I don’t understand Dad, we have been faithful to God and this is what I get for being faithful? He told me, Sarah, just wait, God is going to show Himself to be faithful and you will feel like the most blessed person in this world! Don’t give up hope. I didn’t and boy did God show up!

From day one, the meals, the prayers, the visits and so much more that people just started helping us with. Surgeries and procedures went by and while I was recovering in bed I was surrounded by friends and family who were there holding my hand and encouraging all of us.

Fast forward to now, it’s early Sunday morning and we are driving through the mountains of WV and I’m looking out the window at the fog rolling over the hills and it’s breathtaking. We are on our way to Indianapolis. Darin is driving and the kids are still in a early morning sleep coma… My heart is full and God showed up.

When we received the news that the cancer had spread, we knew we had to make it a priority to make memories with the kiddos. We tried to save and budget so we could make this trip, but bill after bill kept coming in the mail and it got tough. Darin and I laid in bed one night and I said, Honey, we are faithful and I know God will provide.

We never once asked anything from anyone, but friends started coming over and saying, I want to help you with your trip, I want to help you make memories with your kids. Checks started showing up in the mail and Darin and I just cried and cried. We just couldn’t believe the generosity of others. Some people that had never met us said they were a friend of a friend and wanted to help out.

We got to the point where we looked up and just said, we know this is God, we know that He is being faithful to us! We had budgeted a certain amount of money for the 2 weeks and before we knew it, God had provided above and beyond that and we just cried.

The gifts kept coming and the blessing kept coming. Surprises for the kids were coming in the mail and gifts were being left on our doorstep. It seemed everyone else was just as excited about our trip as we were! It was so awesome to be able to share our excitement with family and friends!

We have never had anything like this happen to us and I know that God was all over this trip from the beginning thought of it. He is the only one that knows our future and He knew that when we thought something was impossible that He would make it possible.

I want to thank each and everyone of you personally for everything that you have done for us as a family. You have made it possible to make these memories with our kiddos and to be able to see our friends and extended family. We needed this so badly. We needed to get out of the hospitals and Dr. offices for a little bit. Unfortunately the day after we get back, I have to get my port put in and a few days after that start chemo, but I know God will be all over that too.

As the bible says, don’t worry about tomorrow… So I won’t! I am going to enjoy each and every day of the next 2 weeks and I’m going to laugh and take pictures and hold my family and I’m going to thank the dear sweet Lord for each of you that made this possible! I pray that He will bless you abundantly!!

I will end this here as I can only type so much while we drive before I feel a bit puky 😉

Today, I challenge you to thank God for your blessings that you have. If you don’t think you have been blessed then be thankful that you were able to wake up again today to enjoy this beautiful day! I pray you all have an amazing day and love on those around you!! By the way, make sure you continue to share this as I will try to write from different cities and states along the way!

Psalms 33:4 For the word of the LORD is right and true; he is faithful in all he does





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  1. Sher says:

    Hi Sarah This be Alex. I read everyone you have sent to Sherry. They should be published. I’m serious. Thanks Alex

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