that crazy cancer girl

My journey through cervical cancer

Hello from Iowa!!

on July 9, 2014


Yesterday was the longest driving to date!! We went to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and had the best time acting like a kid! I hopped up on a 90 year old carousel and prayed that the age of the equipment would not fold under me. 😉 I ran through a mirror maze with the kids and dug for dinosaur’s. Seriously we could have spent a whole day as it had 5 floors full of different things to do! Well worth the stop and the people were amazing and super nice! We got there at the beginning of the day and the whole staff opened to a theatrical production. I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time! I also haven’t laughed that hard in ages! It was worth every minute to see our kiddos laughing and smiling and not having a worry on there little minds!

We got on the road around 12:30 headed towards Iowa. It was going well until we found a place to stop and get out to stretch. Hour and a half later we got back in the vehicle and set out again. Literally every hour one child or more had to pee, so stop after stop stretched out the day to longer then it should have been! Finally Darin got tired of driving and ask if I could drive. I took over and set the cruise and went. A few hours later the sun started to set and I have to tell y’all that I can’t get enough of sunsets over the bay and sunrise over the ocean. However sunset over the prairies and farms is enough to take your breath away! Every 5 minutes I would tell Darin to take a picture again, take another one! It was so beautiful I was having a hard time keeping my eyes on the road.

Around 10:30 I told him that he would have to drive again as I could barely keep my eyes open. We drove till we finally arrived at the in-laws around 1:30 in the morning. It was so nice to be able to lay flat on a bed and not be sitting up in the truck for so long! I will admit I was in a good amount of pain last night and was seriously thanking God that we made it safely! There was one deer that jumped out in front of us and made us slam on our brakes. He ran off without injury to either of us, other then the side of my tongue that I bit into as we slammed on our brakes. 😉

It has been a beautiful day here and we have enjoyed antiquing this afternoon and then Darin and I took the boys to the driving range as Montana stayed here and Grandpa taught her how to type on a 1940’s typewriter. 😉 Now we are all relaxing in the living room and planning our day tomorrow. It will be nice to be able to be out of the vehicle till Sunday and then back on the road come Monday morning. We are truly enjoying being away from Dr’s and hospitals and just being a family together. It’s kind of nice to forget about life for awhile.

By the way it’s to be the high 50’s tonight!! I am looking forward to sleeping in wonderful coolness like that! I hope you are all being blessed tonight and enjoying your family! I know we are!

Psalms 37:4  Delight yourself also in the LORD: and he shall give you the desires of your heart


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