that crazy cancer girl

My journey through cervical cancer

on August 7, 2014


Well, it finally happened… I woke up this morning and it looked like someone had hacked a hairball on my pillow. I was a little shocked that it was so much hair, but thought maybe I could cover it up with some other hair. I had 2 bald spots on the back of my head and when I went to try and cover up the spots, I ended up with a hand full of other hair. It literally was falling out in my hands. I panicked for about 2 seconds and then called my hair dresser. She told me to come on over and she would take care of it for me. I knew I probably could have let it go for a little longer, but I didn’t want to go around looking like a half plucked chicken!

I sat down in her chair and I am so thankful for a hair dresser that not only does my hair, but is and amazing friend of almost 15 years! I promised I wouldn’t cry because she is a social crier and would cry with me. I only had a few tears come out as she took the razor and finished off the rest of my hair. It wasn’t till I looked up and saw the final me… I had the biggest lump in my throat. I still didn’t cry, but sure felt like it!!

I do want to thank my parents though for a perfectly shaped round head! It makes a huge difference when your bald! 😉 I worried what Darin might think when he came home, as he has always been a fan of my long hair. He quietly took off my hat, shed a few tears and kissed the top of my head and told me I was beautiful! I love that man so much!!

As bad as I want to feel about losing it, I have to think on the positive side. I am going to save a ton of money on not buying shampoo and conditioner. I am going to be a lot quicker in the shower, I’m saving money on hair appointments, buying new brushes. I’m saving electricity by not using a curling iron or hair dryer and most of all, I will never have a bad hair day! The positive far outweighs the negative in this situation!

I’ll be honest though… I don’t feel that pretty right now. I will still smile because I am still alive, but it will take me a few days to get used to the new me. I’m not trying to feel sorry for myself, I’m just having a moment, then I’ll move on.

I’m asking for prayer tonight though. On top of this, my body is raging with infection to the point that it hurts to move. My whole lower half feels like it is going to fall out. Yes that’s personal, but this is my blog. 😉 The meds that they gave me from the hospital last week are not working and my Dr. has new ones for me, but I can’t pick them up till tomorrow when he writes the script when I go to get my labs done. So tonight, I need prayer because I am so very uncomfortable and I need sleep. Please pray for peace in my body, ask your friends to pray. I can’t thank you all enough when you pray, I feel God working in me. Thank you!




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  1. VaPat says:


    With or without your hair you are beautiful, just remember that. I had ask Lori if she was going to go have her hair cut when you finally had yours done & she never answered me. Know God is with you as well as all of my prayers for you & for family tonight and every night.

  2. Kim Collins says:

    You are truly the bravest woman I know. I am so proud of you and feel like you are still as beautiful as ever. I am glad that you were not alone while shaving your head today. This is part of your journey. You go girl!!

  3. Brandi Smeltzer says:

    You look absolutely STUNNING!!!!

  4. Joelle says:

    You look great. Praying.

  5. Patti Money says:


    I just read through your whole blog. I am inspired and convicted by your faith and honesty through this journey. You are in my daily prayers. May God’s peace surround you, God’s strength uphold you, and may God’s healing presence flow through you. Remember that you are marvelously made and a beautiful child of God…hair or no hair!

  6. Sherry Rotter says:

    Your Beautiful!

  7. Anonymous says:

    My grandmother always told my two uncles who were bald at a very early age that God made people with hair and then he made a few perfect heads.

  8. Dawn Light says:

    Well I think you are so beautiful,I pray for complete healing for for you Hugs

  9. Robin Keller says:

    Sarah, I don’t know why you are going through this, but I pray for God’s healing for you daily. I also pray that God would give you whatever you need for each day. His peace, His strength, His comfort, His ever lasting joy, His grace, His mercy, and an abundance of His love! You are truly a beautiful child of God and your words are touching so many. Thank you Sarah for being His hands and feet in a broken world. May God bless you in abundance today and everyday!

  10. Just like everything else, you can pull this off so well! You have an amazing talent to make everything even more beautiful. Honestly, when I saw the picture I just thought, “I could never look THAT GREAT without hair, but of course Sarah can!” Thinking of you and praying for you.

  11. Curtis Collins says:

    You look like one bad ass chick lol….excuse the ugly word 🙂 Next time you’re over I’ll give you a ride on the Harley ! luv u

  12. myra says:

    Remember when we dyed our hair cripsy blond and our fathers were mortified..maybe we should have shaved our heads instead. Lol you’re beautiful girl crispy blond or buzzed.

  13. Julie Englert says:

    You are always in our prayers and thoughts along with your family. I remember the day my hair all fell out. I just got all different hats and wigs. I choose all different colors and lengths. I told Jon every time we went some where to chose the women he wented to date that night. We had fun with it. Just make the best of. You are beautiful just being you.

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