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God Wants Time with You!

on August 27, 2014


When I was a teenager, I had something that every teenager has… an attitude. Some days it was a great attitude and some days it was seriously lacking. I realized back then that depending on my attitude, it would either be a good day or a bad day. On those bad days I missed out on a lot of fun things. I was hard headed and didn’t want to give in.

Lately I have been dealing with depression and a lot of attitudes it’s completely normal given the circumstances I am in. When I first started on this journey it wasn’t that bad compared to what I am facing now. It was easy to have my bad moments and then quickly get over it and move on an figure out what needed to be done to fix it. Lately it has been compounded things over and over again and it has drug me down to the point where I am struggling to pick myself back up.

I won’t go into detail, but the pain has simply been ungodly and I have a feeling it’s only going to get worse. Today I had chemo and I got up and put my devotional books into my bag along with my ipod, headphones, snacks and my prayer quilt and headed off to the cancer center. I was by myself today because the kids had loads of activities and Darin had to work. Everyone was going one way or the other. I was a little bummed that I didn’t have anyone to sit with, but in a way I took it as a blessing to spend some time with God.

They hooked up my port with the meds and I put the feet up on the recliner and put my headphones in and had praise and worship music on and started reading my devotions. It felt so good because I haven’t been reading my devotions daily like I should have been. I was craving much needed time with God and as I sat there reading and listening to the music, I felt a peace come over me that I haven’t felt in a very long time.

I closed my eyes and prayed and then fell asleep as I felt so at peace. That is something that never happens because my mind never shuts up! The rest of the day I was able to pray for some of the other patients and just could not stop smiling. I know that people were praying for me today and I know that God was craving time with me! I felt your prayers without a doubt! I still tonight as I sit here in bed typing this have a smile on my face and peace in my heart. It feels so good not to have that spirit of depression in my face non stop. I fully believe that God was just waiting for me to bring it all to Him through prayer and devotions.

Anyone can call themselves a Christian, but if you don’t feed your mind and spirit with God’s word and prayer then what are you gaining? It’s the same thing as a marriage or a friendship, if you don’t invest time and energy then what kind of marriage will you have? What kind of friendships will you have? God is the same way, He is our friend, He is our heavenly Father. He wants to spend time with us and the only way we can do that is to talk to Him and read His word.  I pray everyday, but with so much going on I have not read the bible as I should. I have no excuse because the time I spent on Facebook, or my phone I could have been reading the bible or my devotions then. I know God forgives me and my spirit needed that time today to spend with my God.

How about you? Do you read the bible everyday or read a devotional everyday? How do you feed your spirit? How do you get a closer relationship with God? He wants to have one with you so bad! It doesn’t take much and if you don’t have a bible, please let me know and I will get you one!! I don’t want anyone to miss out because they don’t have the tools to feed your spirit and have a closer relationship with God! Talk to Him tonight, that doesn’t cost anything. He is waiting!

Romans 5:8   But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us


2 responses to “God Wants Time with You!

  1. vapitbullmom says:

    Sarah, I do my praying but I have to admit I do not spend enough time ready the Bible. Yes I do own one, but it was given to me by my Mother when I turned 13, and my eyes no longer can make out the words (age has finally caught up to me & I don’t see as well as I used too). But my prayers are many & often for my family, friends, and for you & yours. ❤️

  2. Sandra Hess Greenfield says:

    I do read my devotional everyday and spend time with God praying. I am praying for you and your family that God will touch you in a special way that only he can do. Love and Hugs being sent your way.

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