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How do you Support?

on September 21, 2014


Seven years ago, I had recently lost our Mama to breast cancer and I will admit, I was a little angry. At cancer, at God at everyone who told me that it would be ok, She’s in a better place… I heard it all, but didn’t want to hear any of it.

One day in September shortly after Mom passed I loaded the boys up in the truck and went to run some chores as Montana was in school. As I came around the corner of the Pembroke Mall, all I saw was a sea of pink. Fire trucks, tents, t-shirts, fire fighters, everything was pink. Of course the curiosity got the best of me and I quickly pulled over. I knew Darin was on his way home for lunch so I called him and told him to meet me at the mall.

We started walking towards all this pink and when I finally spoke to someone and got the story, I was so thankful for the sunglasses I was wearing so no one could see the fresh, hot, tears that were brimming at my eyes. This man, named Dave Graybill who was a retired fire fighter from AZ had wanted to start a movement across the country to help support millions of women who battle all  different cancers everyday. He told me more about The Pink Heals Tour and the “Cares Enough to Wear Pink” initiative whose purpose is to provide visionary leaders and the general public with a program that maintains fund raising dollars locally in support of women and their families. He stood there and talked with me for a while and then we went our separate ways.

I had the honor of signing the pink fire truck in memory of my sweet Mama. That was the first breaking point for me that I actually allowed myself to truly cry that our Mom was gone. Over the years, Dave and his crew of fire fighters from all over the country have visited Virginia Beach and hundreds of other states every year in hopes of raising awareness and supporting local women who need that extra support.

This morning my friend Kim text me and said I’m coming over around 10 to bring you something and I can’t wait to see your face… Seriously y’all, no one should have to see this face before 10 am on a Saturday! I reluctantly got up and took a shower because today was the day that Dave was brining the crew back to Virginia Beach for the annual tour.

When I got downstairs, I had just sat down when I heard sirens. Not just sirens out on the Blvd., but sirens like coming down my road!!! I knew right away what was going on and ask Darin if he has anything to do with them coming here. He said he did not, but he did know. I will have to say, I was honored that these people from all over the US came to see me, at my house! I was beyond humbled and believe it or not a wee bit speechless!

Later on we went to my buddy Stan’s restaurant where the trucks were setting up for the community and got to sign them and visit a little bit longer and then say our goodbyes.

When I think about things like this, I think what selfless things people do to help others. None of these people have to do this, none of these folks have to drive fire trucks all over the USA supporting and helping people they don’t even know. Yet day after day, month after month, they sign up and they say pick me, choose me! I want to help as many people as I can against this awful disease!

I can’t even begin to tell you how great it feels just to sign the truck. To see the thousands upon thousands of signatures and notes all over those trucks, knowing that each and every person is somehow affected by cancer… It truly is humbling. Today was a great day with the Pink Heals tour trucks and I am so thankful this year to even experience it on a more personal level. I am truly thankful to Dave for starting such a phenomenal project and also to the Virginia Chapter that has just as much passion as Dave and uses it locally to help those in our own communities.

How are you affected by cancer? Do you know someone, or do you suffer yourself? Are you a nurse or a Dr who works with cancer patients? How about a runner for cancer races? There are so many ways that we can get involved to help someone else go on when they don’t have the strength to do it themselves. We even have a group of ladies in our church that make prayer quilts for those who are sick. So many, many way to help others. What will you do with that challenge?

If you would like to read more, here is the website for the pink heals tour


2 responses to “How do you Support?

  1. Kim Collins says:

    Beautiful story as always! So glad you enjoyed your surprise! 😉 Love you!!

  2. Sharon says:

    What a wonderful group! Thinking of you in thoughts and prayers!

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