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My journey through cervical cancer

ITs tough not to cry….-Darin

Sarah's last sunset

Sarah’s last sunset

Well early Wednesday morning, November 26, 2014 changed my life. Many people would ask why. For me, its HOW? How can I go on without you? How do I help the kids in certain things? How do I make all things beautiful that you did? How do I make a crust like you did? So many other HOW’s have come up… “Why” is not of the equation because my Lord Savior Jesus Christ has my baby and he also has US in his hands. As Sarah passed from this world of pain, sorrow and tears to our promised life that is free from all of this that where we will never grow old. Thank you for loving, encouraging and praying along with my wife on her journey. Hope your Thanksgiving was well and have a Merry Christmas,

Sarah Elizabeth Misiewicz Unterbrink (daughter of Tom and the late Drusilla (Henry) Misiewicz) 38, left this world Nov 26, 2014 and went be with her Lord Jesus Christ. Sarah was born in Martinsburg WV and a resident of VA Beach VA, for the last 14 years. Left to cherish her memory husband Darin, three young children and siblings Laura, Matt and Becky. Memorial service: December 13th at 11:00 am. at Haygood United Methodist 4713 Haygood Rd., VA Beach VA 23455 757.499.1269

Many have asked how to help. Below is a link that was set up by a friend, through your generosity to help contribute with the expenses.


Jesus Saves by Darin

Well, if your offend by that, GREAT. If not, give me a few more minutes. Well, again today I went to church without my bride and best friend. Did you?? For me its strange, difficult but the right thing to do. I love my Savior Jesus Christ before my wife (not bad to be second in this case) but I miss her so much being there in the celebration of worship. Sarah is still in the hospital and when stable enough will return with hospice helping us forward. Sarah and I were raised by loving parents that were God loving and God fearing. We are grateful for them in placing that part of their legacy in us. Our parents really worked hard at being at worship services together. Being together as husband and wife is a must and the best way with your spiritual development. We are not indestructible and we are destined to die. Today our message was about the Talent Parable (Matthew 25:14-30). Well a ‘Talent” equaled roughly 15 years of wages. Well the Master is God, the slaves are us and “Talent” is by Gods Grace is what is part of His plan. God entrust us with so much and to those much is given, much is expected. We as individuals are entrusted by God with our talents and in hope we use them for His glory. When we become parents we carry our talents unto our children. We cant live in fear if we’ve made “mistakes” and we can be proud of our “accomplishments” to help develop our children. That involves their character and other traits but most of their faith development. The ability and responsibility to do this with our children is and will produce “dividends’.

Im sorry that Im not as good as Sarah is, on typing this journey up. Hope this makes sense as Im mentally exhausted. So if your a husband and wife please attend worship service together. Please don’t let selfish pursuits or ambitions get in the way of what is truly nourishing and life giving to your relationships. Jesus Saves. You will have a return on investment that last longer then your lifetime.


Just Checking In

I’m sorry it has been so long since I have checked in. To be honest I have spent a lot of time in the hospital and have been one majorly sick girl. I’m hoping to go into detail when I get some strength back but for now I have a specific prayer that I need help with. If God does not heal me from this I will have to have a major surgery. After what I have been through the past couple of weeks,  that’s the last thing I want is another surgery. Thank you for your continued prayers.